About Smartconn Telecoms

  Company providing services in the area of telecommunications, based in Alphaville, Barueri, São Paulo State, Brazil. Founded in 12/6/2011. With experienced professionals and highly committed to our business policy, we value by meeting the needs of the market, with our range of services in the area of logistics, consulting, site surveys, projects, installations, maintenance and testing of telecommunications equipment. We have wide range of tools and test equipment that allows us to work with optical technology. All our professionals are covered by life insurance and accident and health insurance, extended to family members. Our corporate group has structure dedicated to foreign trade services, in Curitiba, in Paraná State, in order to be together with our partners also in operations that require the resolution of issues related to customs area, as well as Customs and nationalization of equipment as well as transport logistics, storage and distribution of products. The Smartconn is a company providing services that possesses high operational availability and providing quick responses to the needs of our partners, always operating at the quality and seriousness so necessary for our segment.

Cherish for our main feature, which is the agility:

On the basis of a decentralized organizational structure we offer fast local decision-making, allowing for fluidity in the resolution of questions that may require bureaucratic processes. We're looking for quick answers, with quality, reliability and innovation in the market. We have effective presence of our technical teams, while in the South and Southeast of Brazil, which allows us to be developing assisted maintenance activities on a 24 x 7 x 365 with SLA not exceeding 2 hours, in about 40 municipalities of the States of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná¡, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro, along a backbone with more than 4,000 km extension.


Exceeding the expectations of our customers, by commitment, agility and responsible work being safe and effective. Aiming at full satisfaction with the quality and profitability.


Be reference telecommunications market by correct action, dynamics and effectiveness in service delivery.


Ethical commitment, professional competence, valuing of human, humility, strategic direction, innovation and continuous training.

Our Main Customers

- Internexa - Operadora de CustomersTelecom - Brasil e Colômbia (Grupo ISA)
- ECI - Brasil, EUA e Colômbia
- PTi - Portugal Telecom Inovação - Brasil
- Level 3 - Brasil
- Ascenty - Brasil
- Keymille - Brasil
- Akamai - Brasil
- Prólink - Brasil
- Interconnect - Argentina
- Thradex - Perú
- Just Bit - Portugal

Work carried out in Telefônica, Vivo, TIWS, Oi, Level3, Ascenty and GVT in installations and testing of switches, routers, SDH, DWDM, etc., working with ECI, Ciena, Cisco, Keymille and PTi Technologies.

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